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Well that concludes Porty's matches in their British Championship campaign and unfortunately, with 3 losses they don't make it through to the finals. However, Porty can certainly take quite a few positives from the weekend.

Reporter signing off. Look out for updates on the website including pictures and videos.
Porty fail to convert a decent chance, Laverty blocks outside shot. Rob loveless wins nman-up for Porty on right hand side drive. Kirk misses on post position, Rotherham hit the bar on counter attack. Loveless put in a poos shot from the bad wing. Claxon sounds to end the match.

Period 4 Remaining 0:00
Rotherham 21 - 11 Portobello
Rotherham score, porty look tired.

Period 4 Remaining 2:14
Rotherham 21 - 11 Portobello
Weak Porty attack but good tip in from fraz in the pit gives porty a consolation goal.

See the video!

Period 4 Remaining 2:23
Rotherham 20 - 11 Portobello
Kevin shoots with 3 seconds on shot clock, misses beyond far post. Rotherham counter is turned over. Rob loveless puts in a poor shot which is gathered easily by defenders. Rotherham score on counter.

Period 4 Remaining 2:58
Rotherham 20 - 10 Portobello
Good defence from porty to win possession, Gary shoots but blocked. Rotherham counter but Neilson steals from pit. Time-out called.

Period 4 Remaining 4:26
Rotherham 19 - 10 Portobello
Gary ward scores a good goal from the good side into the near post.

Period 4 Remaining 5:24
Rotherham 19 - 10 Portobello
Confusion reigns, but it appears porty have a man up. Keith concedes a minor foul in pit position to give possession to ROtherham. Barry concedes penalty on pit defence. Rotherham converts.

Period 4 Remaining 5:45
Rotherham 19 - 9 Portobello
Neilson wins swim-off in the 4th. Poor attack and Porty lose the ball on 7m. Keith double marks pit and steals ball in. Man-up porty, Barry misses. Rotherham score on counter.

Period 4 Remaining 6:22
Rotherham 18 - 9 Portobello
Save from Laverty gives Rotherham a corner. Edgy defence from porty but they get away with it. Porty win man-up on counter and convert with 0seconds remaining. End of period.

Period 3 Remaining 0:00
Rotherham 17 - 9 Portobello
Good ball in from Kevin but Fraser puts ball-under. Rotherham squanders the counter. Kevin scores a good goal from number 2 position.

Period 3 Remaining 0:50
Rotherham 17 - 8 Portobello
Kirk loses ball on attack on right hand side. Rotherham counter but shoot past the post from central position. Bad pass to Fraser by Ben J gives Rotherham another attack. Rotherham score from centre forward.

Period 3 Remaining 1:43
Rotherham 17 - 7 Portobello
Ball under giver porty attack. Porty win man-up in the mid-field. Fraser scored great goal from centre.

Period 3 Remaining 3:17
Rotherham 16 - 7 Portobello
Portobello win a corner, Gary ward wins man-up. Porty slow to form man-up attack. Nuno loses possession on left hand side. Neilson steals ball on pit defence to give POrty an attack. Barry scores in the top bin from 6m.

Period 3 Remaining 3:46
Rotherham 16 - 6 Portobello
Fraser excluded for splashing water in someone's face, poor refereeing. Rotherham convert the man-up.

Period 3 Remaining 5:25
Rotherham 16 - 5 Portobello
Poor attack from Porty, bad ball into pit. Rotherham counter and score

Period 3 Remaining 5:53
Rotherham 15 - 5 Portobello
Neilson wins swim-off in 3rd. Barry shots winning a corner for Porty, but he loses possession for pulling back. Porty quickly regain possession but attacking with 3 against 4 defenders. Good defence from Nuno on counter. Good pit skill from Rotherham to score in the bottom corner.

Period 3 Remaining 6:33
Rotherham 14 - 5 Portobello
Porty again do a few laps at half time to stay warm.

Period 3 Remaining 8:00
Rotherham 13 - 5 Portobello
Kevin shoots, hitting Rotherham goalkeeper on head. Return ball falls to Neilson who lobs but tipped over for corner. Fraser scores from the pit on stroke of half time.

Period 2 Remaining 0:00
Rotherham 13 - 5 Portobello
Man down portobello, converted by Rotherham quickly.

Period 2 Remaining 0:34
Rotherham 13 - 4 Portobello
Good individual skill from Kevin on right hand drive, takes on the defender an scores himself.

Period 2 Remaining 0:47
Rotherham 12 - 4 Portobello
Porty playing 2 pit attackers, Keith wins man-up, but puts in a poor shot to allow Rotherham counter. Good scamper from Neilson to win possession back to Porty. Keith wins another man-up from pit. Poor cross ball to Neilson on the post squanders the man-up. Rotherham counter and score.

Period 2 Remaining 1:12
Rotherham 12 - 3 Portobello
TC fluffs a shot from the bad wing. Fraser excluded for pulling back. Unlucky deflection for own goal to Rotherham.

Period 2 Remaining 3:25
Rotherham 11 - 3 Portobello
Fraser works well in pit but puts a shot over the bar. Rotherham scores from pit.

Period 2 Remaining 4:23
Rotherham 10 - 3 Portobello
Time out called.

Period 2 Remaining 4:58
Rotherham 9 - 3 Portobello
Portobello look tired, they need to dig deep now. Barry won foul on 5m shot straight away but on 4m so turnover. Good save from Laverty gives Rotherham a corner. Good 2nd save from Laverty. Weak counter attack from Porty and poor outside shot. Neilson excluded on pit defence, Rotherham convert it quickly.

Period 2 Remaining 4:58
Rotherham 9 - 3 Portobello
Rotherham win swim-off in the 2nd. Good block by Keith and Rotherham exclusion brings man-up for Porty. Barry misses and returning player drives to win man-up for Rotherham. Rotherham score.

Period 2 Remaining 6:45
Rotherham 8 - 3 Portobello
Rotherham score in the last second. Portobello had the attack with 35secs on the clock. They lost the ball too early allowing Rotherham chance to counter.

Period 1 Remaining 0:00
Rotherham 7 - 3 Portobello
Ed excluded, Rotherham converts.

Period 1 Remaining 0:36
Rotherham 6 - 3 Portobello
Nuno wins corner after shot from the point position. Barry wins man-up for porty, and he scores it.

Period 1 Remaining 1:11
Rotherham 5 - 3 Portobello
Keith front marks pit, excellent work to allow Porty counter attack. Kevin loses ball on point after being double tagged. Keith excluded from pit defence. Rotherham scores from right hand side.

Period 1 Remaining 1:59
Rotherham 5 - 2 Portobello
Neilson wins penalty on counter attack. He converts it himself.

Period 1 Remaining 3:19
Rotherham 4 - 2 Portobello
TC loses ball on right hand drive on goal. Redeems himself by scampering well to win ball back. Good work from Kevin on right hand drive to pass to Fraz, but unable to get a good shot in. R Leighton scores for Rotherham on the counter.

Period 1 Remaining 4:14
Rotherham 4 - 1 Portobello
Ben J excluded after poor pit defence. Manchester convert.

Period 1 Remaining 5:46
Rotherham 3 - 1 Portobello
Fraser scores great pit goal after ball went in a bit early.

Period 1 Remaining 6:30
Rotherham 2 - 1 Portobello
Ben J excluded, Manchester convert.

Period 1 Remaining 6:44
Rotherham 2 - 0 Portobello
Rotherham win swim off. Lancaster score after an unlucky break for Laverty.

Period 1 Remaining 7:40
Rotherham 1 - 0 Portobello
14:45 Match Result - Lancaster 11 - 10 Manchester
Welcome back to Manchester, Lancaster currently in a tight battle against Manchester. Portobello warming up in the diving pool.
Some good work from Porty in the initial stages of periods, but tended to let Manchester in towards the latter stages of each.

Rotherham game starts at 14:40. Coverage will begin at 14:20. Reporter signing off for now.
Manchester score one more before claxon sounds to signify end of match.

Period 4 Remaining 0:00
Manchester 19 - 12 Portobello
Kevin scores another from the outside.

Period 4 Remaining 1:18
Manchester 18 - 12 Portobello
Kevin scores another from the outside.

Period 4 Remaining 1:18
Manchester 18 - 12 Portobello
Ben concedes penalty for jumping over on the pit meaning he is wrapped for 3 exclusions. Manchester score the penalty.

Period 4 Remaining 1:37
Manchester 18 - 11 Portobello
Good pit defense from Porty wins an attack. Good work from Keith on the drive. Porty gives possession to Manchester by not takiong the foul.Push off by Manchester turns play back over to Porty. Drive down right by TC sets up set attack. Great goal from Kevin on number 4 position.

Period 4 Remaining 2:00
Manchester 17 - 11 Portobello
Poor shot from outside by Kevin, but porty retain possession through a turnover. Porty man-up converted by Keith.

Period 4 Remaining 3:26
Manchester 17 - 10 Portobello
Good save from Laverty. Good pit defence from Nuno on pit leads to poor Manchester back-hook attempt. Fraz concedes foul in pit to turnover play to manchester possession. Manchester fail to score and POrty calls time-out.

Period 4 Remaining 4:04
Manchester 17 - 9 Portobello
Porty squander an atack with plenty time on the shot clock. Manchester score lob from point position on a strong counter attack.

Period 4 Remaining 5:30
Manchester 17 - 9 Portobello
Manchester score from outside shot

Period 4 Remaining 6:00
Manchester 16 - 9 Portobello
Good asave from Laverty after Manchester pit man appears to kick off Barry. Barry wins foul on 4m to set up set attack. Man up portobello win by Nuno on point, which he scores convincingly from that position.

Period 4 Remaining 6:46
Manchester 15 - 9 Portobello
individual errors in the second half of period 3 gave manchester the edge. It was a strong first half from Porty.

Period 4 Remaining 8:00
Manchester 15 - 8 Portobello
individual errors in the second half of period 3 gave manchester the edge. It was a strong first half from Porty.

Period 4 Remaining 8:00
Manchester 15 - 8 Portobello
Rob loveless loses possession on RIght hand wing. Manchester play out the clock to end the period.

Period 3 Remaining 0:00
Manchester 15 - 8 Portobello
Manchester b ounce on over the bar. Good work from Ed on left side to win foul but silly defensive error gives possession back to Manchester. Ben excluded to allow easy man-up goal from Manchester.

Period 3 Remaining 0:39
Manchester 15 - 8 Portobello
Appologies from the blogger - technical problem missed some play but Manchester scored from an outside shot. Neilson scored for porty from pit. Keith conceded penalty after chasing a one on nil.

Period 3 Remaining 1:28
Manchester 14 - 8 Portobello
Manchester score from outside shot..

Period 3 Remaining 3:01
Manchester 13 - 7 Portobello
Great pit defence foils Manchester attack. Ben shoots and misses from bad wing with 3 secs on shot clock. Manchester Score effectively playing two pit men with no-one on their left wing.

Period 3 Remaining 3:39
Manchester 12 - 7 Portobello
Turnover to win a porty attack. Keith wins man up from pit and scores to build porty momentum.

Period 3 Remaining 5:02
Manchester 11 - 7 Portobello
Man down porty, good block to turnover play. Fraz wins penalty on good drive through the pit. Neilson converts.

Period 3 Remaining 5:26
Manchester 10 - 6 Portobello
Nuno scores a screamer from 10m on the point position.

Period 3 Remaining 6:10
Manchester 11 - 5 Portobello
Manchester wins swim-off in 3rd. Good pit defence from Neilson with Fraz scamper to foil any threat from Manchester. Good drive from Nuno on number 2 position wins man-up for Porty, which they can't convert in time. Gary ward shoots after turnover of play to concede man-down, but doesn't realise he's penalised. Penalty Manchester, converted.

Period 3 Remaining 6:20
Manchester 11 - 4 Portobello
Manchester's main threat in Period 2 was from outside shots. Blocking work from Porty needs to improve.

Period 3 Remaining 8:00
Manchester 10 - 4 Portobello
End of period.

Period 2 Remaining 0:00
Manchester 10 - 4 Portobello
Great pit goal from fraser, reflex hook shot after good ball in.

Period 2 Remaining 1:07
Manchester 10 - 4 Portobello
Good swim by Keith to slow down Manchester attack. Manchester scores from 6m with 1second on shot clock.

Period 2 Remaining 1:29
Manchester 10 - 3 Portobello
Manchester hit post on outside shot at end of 30sec attack. Porty squander their return attack. Manchester score from point after a good scamper by Keith.

Period 2 Remaining 2:21
Manchester 9 - 3 Portobello
Ben collects at half-way to resart, Manchester zoning. Fraser wins man-up from pit position. Ed scores from point position, good goal.

Period 2 Remaining 3:47
Manchester 8 - 3 Portobello
Manchester score from pit despite double mark from Ed and Kirk. Ads calls time-out.

Period 2 Remaining 4:31
Manchester 8 - 2 Portobello
Good work by barry to win foul on bad side at 2m. Ben shoots and wins a corner. Porty play shallow on the left side and poor pit pass leads to Manchester counter attack. Laverty saves, but Manchester score a lob from the number 2 position.

Period 2 Remaining 5:14
Manchester 7 - 2 Portobello
Manchester win swim-off, good block by Barry to prevent Manchester score at end of 30sec. Manchester squanders the second attack. Neilson puts in a weak shot on the good side from 3m. Manchester scores from counter attack.

Period 2 Remaining 6:34
Manchester 6 - 2 Portobello
A strong start from Porty in the first 3 mins squandered in the latter stage of Period 1. 3 goal deficit to recover.

Period 2 Remaining 8:00
Manchester 5 - 2 Portobello
Neilson wins corner from pit hook shot. Keith moves to pit position but Ed loses possession on the point. Good scamper by Neilson to turn over the play. Questionable shot from 11m by Nuno with 18 seconds of play allows Manchester to score one before the end of the period.

Period 1 Remaining 0:00
Manchester 5 - 2 Portobello
Neilson misses from pit, porty cover the counter well. Porty play a good drop, Neilson blocks pass to win porty possession. Portobello run down 30 second clock and cover. Manchester score from outside.

Period 1 Remaining 1:22
Manchester 4 - 2 Portobello
Good save from Laverty. Portobello run 30 second clock to zero and good save from Laverty prevents the Manchester counter. Manchester score from an outside shot in the top right hand corner.

Period 1 Remaining 3:20
Manchester 3 - 2 Portobello
Good block by Keith to prevent outside shot, Fraser wins penalty in the pit - good work. Neilson converts to level the match.

Period 1 Remaining 4:29
Manchester 2 - 2 Portobello
Neilson excluded on pit defence. Manchester score.

Period 1 Remaining 5:39
Manchester 2 - 1 Portobello
Good defensive block from Neilson prevents Manchester scoring. Keith scores from bad wing to level the match.

Period 1 Remaining 6:32
Manchester 1 - 1 Portobello
Manchester win swim-off, Ben J excluded and Manchester convert to take the lead.

Period 1 Remaining 7:40
Manchester 1 - 0 Portobello
10:06 Match Result

Lancaster 13 - 10 Rotherham
10:06 Match Result

Lancaster 13 - 10 Rotherham
Last minute in Lancaster vs Rotherham. Lancaster lead by 13 goals to 10.
Welcome to the Manchester Aquatic Centre for day 2. Lancaster are currently beating Rotherham 12:8 with 6 mins in the 4th remaining. Portobello are currently warming up in the diving pool.
Test Post
Period X Remaining X:XXManchester X - X Portobello
A lot of good work from Porty throughout the match. Too many counter attacks gave Lancaster the win, but it was a spirited performance from Porty, proving they are well worthy of their place in the top flight.

Reporter signing off 'til tomorrow. Join us again at 09:50 for Manchester Vs Portobello.
Great save by Laverty brings last minute. Neilson goal from pit disallowed - really questionable refereeing. Lancaster man up - not converted and strong counter from Porty but claxon sounds to end the match.

Period 4 Remaining time 0:00
Lancaster 18 -11 Portobello
Lancaster squander an attack, good work from porty on counter . Great goal from Nuno on the outside. Where was this form in the first 3 periods?

Period 4 Remaining time 1:36
Lancaster 18 - 11 Portobello
Porty man up, good skill from Nuno on number 2 position. Nuno converts from 4m on the good shooting side.

Period 4 Remaining time 2:20
Lancaster 18 - 10 Portobello
Lancaster score from set attack.

Period 4 Remaining time 2:44
Lancaster 18 - 9 Portobello
Lancaster score.

Period 4 Remaining time 4:18
Lancaster 17 - 9 Portobello
Man down portobello (T Cramond excluded). Lancaster fails to convert. 30 second turnover on Porty attack. Lancaster look lethargic. Kirk excluded on point defence and time out called by Lancaster.

Period 4 Remaining time 4:43
Lancaster 16 - 9 Portobello
Fraser wins a penalty with great pit work and converts it convincingly. Good gusto!

Period 4 Remaining time 6:08
Lancaster 16 - 9 Portobello
Lancaster wins swim-off in the 4th. Shot from the pit pulls up short and easily collected by Laverty. Fraser misses from pit. Lancaster attack is turned over and Porty attack reaults in Fraz hitting crossbar from a good drive by Kirk. Ben J concedes major foul but Lancaster squander the man-up.

Period 4 Remaining time 6:09
Lancaster 16 - 8 Portobello
Nuno excluded and gives Lancaster Man-up, but not converted.

Period 3 Remaining time 0:01
Lancaster 16 - 8 Portobello
Good defensive scamper from Porty to win an attack. 25 seconds on the clock. Nuno scores from 6m - great goal.

Period 3 Remaining time 0:15
Lancaster 16 - 8 Portobello
Porty attack turned over after a lot of work from Fraz and Neilson in the pit. Weak decision to turnover. Lancaster squander the counter and give a man up to Porty, which is converted by Neilson. Good work.

Period 3 Remaining time 1:05
Lancaster 16 - 7 Portobello
Lax defense from Porty leads to man up situation (no exclusion). Converted by Lancaster

Period 3 Remaining time 2:05
Lancaster 16 - 6 Portobello
Goal Lancaster. Keith Anderson majored out.

Period 3 Remaining time 2:32
Lancaster 15 - 6 Portobello
Lancaster score after disallowed porty goal due to Barry complaining at Ref.

Period 3 Remaining time 3:07
Lancaster 14 - 6 Portobello
Time-out called by Porty. Ads giving mini team talk.

Period 3 Remaining time 3:53
Lancaster 13 - 6 Portobello
Correction to last post score 13-6

Period 3 Remaining time 4:00
Lancaster 13 - 6 Portobello
Portobello have poor shape in attack but win the Man up. Penalty won by Keith on 2m. Converted by Barry Davidson.

Period 3 Remaining time 4:17
Lancaster 13 - 5 Portobello
Port man up not converted. Lancaster counter attack and score.

Period 3 Remaining time 4:39
Lancaster 13 - 5 Portobello
Good pit defense by Neison with scamper from Fraser to win ball for Porty. Double man up won by Keith. porty need to convert this. Nuno hits post to allow Lancaster back into attack. Good scamper from Keith to steal ball from pit.

Videos of this sequence:

Scamper and counter attack to win double man-up:

Man-up sequence - Nuno hits post.

Keith scampers back.

Period 3 Remaining time 5:03
Lancaster 12 - 5 Portobello
Porty wins the swim-off, good swim by Ben. Not much shape in attack and poor back hook from Keith leads to Lancaster counter attack, which they convert.

Period 3 Remaining time 7:20
Lancaster 12 - 5 Portobello
Porty looking more fired up for the second half than Lancaster.
Porty need to regroup and focus really hard in the second half. all players currently doing a few widths to stay warm.

Period 3 Remaining time 8:00
Lancaster 11 - 5 Portobello
Lancsater score from pit

Period 2 Remaining time 0:18
Lancaster 11 - 5 Portobello
Lancaster score - lob from 7m with 2 secs on shot clock

Period 2 Remaining time 1:50
Lancaster 10 - 5 Portobello
Man down Portobello, Lancaster fail to convert.

Period 2 Remaining time 3:25
Lancaster 9 - 5 Portobello
Good defense from porty on the drop, Fraser wins man up and converts immediately.

Period 2 Remaining time 4:01
Lancaster 9 - 5 Portobello
Penalty to portobello - Neilson converts.

Period 2 Remaining time 4:50
Lancaster 9 - 4 Portobello
Lancaster man-up, not converted by scored after mistake from portobello GK.

Period 2 Remaining time 5:00
Lancaster 9 - 3 Portobello
Man up porty from good work by Keith. Portobello can't convert.

Period 2 Remaining time 6:30
Lancaster 8 - 3 Portobello
Lancaster win swim off, turned over. Porty shoot but hit the post and Lancaster counter well to go 5 goals up.

Period 2 Remaining time 7:16
Lancaster 8 - 3 Portobello
Too many mistakes in defense from Porty in Period 1. Some positive work in attack though.

Period 2 Remaining time 8:00
Lancaster 7 - 3 Portobello
Goal lancaster from a set play, defensive error from Ben J

Period 1 Remaining time 0:20
Lancaster 7 - 3 Portobello
Goal lancaster

Period 1 Remaining time 1:10
Lancaster 6 - 3 Portobello
Penalty to Lancaster, foul by Barry Davidson on pit man - converted

Period 1 Remaining time 2:00
Lancaster 5 - 3 Portobello
Man up Portobello - converted by Neilson. Come on Porty!

Period 1 Remaining time 3:10
Lancaster 4 - 3 Portobello
Yet another counter attack converted by lancaster. Porty need to tighten up the defense.

Period 1 Remaining time 3:40
Lancaster 4 - 2 Portobello
Lancaster convert another counter attack to go ahead by 1

Period 1 Remaining time 4:20
Lancaster 3 - 2 Portobello
Counter attack from lancaster to tie the match

Period 1 Remaining time 5:00
Lancaster 2 - 2 Portobello
Tommy Cramond scores a peach from 5m to take porty ahead

Period 1 Remaining time 5:50
Lancaster 1 - 2 Portobello
Portobello score man up to tie the game

Period 1 Remaining time 6:50
Lancaster 1 - 1 Portobello
14:53 Match commences Lancaster wins swim off and score man up - Keith Anderson excluded

Lancaster 1 - 0 Portobello
Period 1 Remaining Time 8:00
14:45 Result Match 2

Cheltenham 11 - 11 Penguin
Exclusions: Ch 6 Pen 10
14:33 Welcome to the live blog, Porty's match today is against Lancaster starting at 14:50
14:31 Team talk over and the Porty players warming up
13:40 Result from Match 1

Bristol 12 - 8 Invicta
Exclusions: Br 6 Inv 8

After a pretty even match for the first three periods, Bristol secured the win in the fourth winning the period 3 goals to 1.